2 Comments on Goodreads moves away from Amazon API for book data over restrictive terms of use

  1. I found it interesting that when the announcement was made a few days ago, a lot of Goodreads members were yelling at Goodreads and threatening to quit. Apparently, they didn’t read far enough or the details weren’t available at that time. It’s to every writer’s (and reader’s) benefit for the books to be available in a variety of formats. Amazon is once again trying to shut out all other retailers. Good for Goodreads, that it didn’t bend the knee. If it had, it would have been severely crippled in what it does.

  2. I included a link to your post in a Storify entitled simply “Goodreads and Amazon”. From what I can tell, the split was inevitable. http://storify.com/KathreseMcKee/goodreads-and-amazon

    I created the Storify for myself and then decided to share it with others who would like more information on the topic.

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