Time Inc. announces it will have all 21 magazines on tablets by end of year

Time Inc. announced that it will be making tablet application versions of all 21 of its US magazine titles available by the end of the year. The company claims this will make it the first major US magazine publisher to have all of its titles on tablets.

As part of the announcement, Time also mentioned that it had come to an agreement with Barnes & Noble to sell subscriptions and single issues of Fortune, People, Sports Illustrated, and Time on the Nook Color, with the rest of its magazines to follow by the end of the year. It already sells them for the iPad, Android Marketplace, HP Touchpad, and Next Issue Media’s store.

Those who wish to read these magazines can subscribe or buy single issues digitally, and print subscribers can update their subscriptions to include access to digital copies at no extra charge.

(Found via TechCrunch.)

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