Videos: ‘Opposing Voices in Digital Publishing’, ‘DRM: Terms and Conditions’

Since Saturday morning is traditionally the time of cartoons, let’s start the day with a couple of terrific Internet videos.

Here’s one that was linked from FuturEBooks: the digital publishing team at Tyndale House Publishers “interviews” an author, a publishing exec, a reader, a nerd, and a pundit—who are played by Muppet-style puppets. The video is a marvelous piece of satire, and leaves no point of view unskewered.

And here’s a shorter video from the Vancouver Film School that offers a thought-provoking look at DRM. This should be required viewing for anyone who doesn’t understand why some people think DRM is so bad.

terms&conditions from mediamold on Vimeo.

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3 Comments on Videos: ‘Opposing Voices in Digital Publishing’, ‘DRM: Terms and Conditions’

  1. Felix Torres // May 22, 2010 at 9:08 am //

    I dunno…
    Those muppets seem better-informed than their real-life counterparts. More eloquent, too.

    Good one!

  2. Oh my, the publisher sounds like me when I rant about iPhone users. How can I have something in common with that guy!?

  3. How can I hook up with Gladys? Those were pretty funny stereotypes.

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