kindle unlimited10 Public Libraries in US and Canada Surpass 1 Million eBook Downloads (GoodeReader)
Ten different libraries in Canada and the United States had over one million e-Book checkouts in 2014, a significant increase from the six libraries that achieved the milestone in 2013.

Japanese Government Moves Forward with Plan to Tax Foreign Retailers (The Digital Reader)
For the past year or so the Japanese government has been exploring the idea of requiring foreign retailers to Japanese consumption tax on digital good sold to Japanese consumers, and now they’re moving forward.

eReaders Are Bad for Sleep (GalleyCat)
Do you read eBooks before bed? It could be having a negative effect on your sleep, according to a new study from Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Is Kindle Unlimited Devaluing Books? (Smashwords)
I first wrote about Kindle Unlimited here in July.  Although I’m a fan of ebook subscription services (see my two-part series analyzing the subscription business model), I concluded Kindle Unlimited was a bad deal for authors because it required exclusivity and gave Amazon free reign to control author compensation.

Kindle Daily Deal: Christmas Bliss (and others)


  1. Subscription services have not devalued ebooks, authors and publishers shouting from the mountain tops that readers’ don’t own ebooks and therefore cannot copy, share or sell them have done it. Why buy something you cannot treat the same way you would a physical book? Subscription services are the natural result of readers realizing there is little point to paying full price for an ebook.

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