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From Attila Lukacs of Adamo Books in Hungary.  (Blockquotes omitted)

Hi Paul,

I am Attila Lukacs from Adamo Books again.

I am not writing to about Adamo Books this time.
How about some info on the German Kindle Shop sales?

A German Author Wolfgang Tischer sold more than 150 Kindle copies of his
Kindle guide „ 10 Tipps veröffentlicht, wie man ein E-Book fürs Amazon
Kindle erstellt und verkauft.
„  on in May 2011. These are the
first interesting sales nunmbers from

Furthter data from the author’s blog:

(I used Google translator to get an English version of the German text. I
find Tischer’s sales numbers very promising. )

May 13, 2011 – 11:26 clock – sold three copies,

Clicking on the sales report shows that “the previous and current month, “
only three copies were sold. Although no date is specified is assumed that
these are the numbers from yesterday, so by 12 May 2011 are. Nevertheless
remarkable that make three copies of a sales rank 198-1123.

13. May 2011 – 12:29 clock – Six copies sold

Apparently refers to count of copies sold but instead more or less in real
time. Current shows the sales report in six copies.

13. May 2011 – 13:47 clock – 79th place in the German charts for Kindle

Look at: Our e-book has reached number 79 of the German sales charts for
the Kindle-paid title – and that at present only seven copies sold.

16. May 2011 – 8:35 clock – Turnover: 8,40 €

It’s Monday morning. All weekend moved the title in the top 100 somewhere
between 49 and 67 place Currently he is listed at number 111th All figures
relate to the title in the top 100 paid German Kindle Store. In absolute
figures were 27 copies sold on the German Kindle Store, and one on the U.S.
Store. The revenue thus amounted to 8.40 euros.

7. May 2011 – 9:10 clock – Partner Links

24 hours later, the sales figures have not developed great upward. This is
not surprising, since most attention was certainly after the publication of
this article, especially on the same day, our newsletter has been sent.

After all, the book is still at number 61 of the Kindle-Top-100.

It shows a fundamental dilemma that not only have Kindle editions, but all
the books: who should buy it if nobody knows about it?

That has contributed to this experience report for sale, shows a view of
the Amazon PartnerNet statistics. As advised in our e-book, we left the with our Amazon affiliate ID on your own E-Book. Follow
this link to someone and he or she buys the book, we get a small
commission. Amazon allows and recommends it explicitly to link the
individual title with the partner ID.

Currently 31 E-books have been sold, in which only nine are followed buyer
to the affiliate link on this site. For this article we received from
Amazon a promotional cost-reimbursement of 5.05% on the net selling price,
making a total for all tracks at 45 cents.

17. May 2011 – 19:12 clock – no message from Amazon

Matt Czarnecki reports in the comments that Amazon had sent him a message
when his book was online. So once again checked all the mail accounts and
spam folder, but found no mail from Amazon. However, Mr. Czarnecki was the
message delayed at first, so maybe they are yet to arrive at.

Current Sales: 36 pieces / square 56 of the German Kindle sales charts.
német-angol fordítás

18. May 2011 – 9:35 clock – a hell of a Weight

If one recalls that Amazon announced in the press release for German
Kindle offer that there are 25,000 German-language titles available, then
space 42 of the sales charts for a damn good place.

It is interesting that our title appears at times not only on the e-book
lists. If it is found near position 40 of the Kindle-list, it can already
compete with the paper editions of the category “Computer & Internet. “
Currently it is there on 33rd

»90% now, ” the featured article on this page, Amazon announced today on
the item page. 10% bought “Undead: Twilight” by Andreas Stetter, an also
offered for 99 cents Kindle titles.

41 copies of “Amazon Kindle: My E-Books for sale and create”were
previously purchased. Three Amazon customers clicked on Amazon’s own “Like”
button, but yet no customer reviews written.

19. May 2011 – 11:17 clock – Report on

Which may mean our practice test for publishers, it has
Wolfgang Tischer in the blog of trade magazine wrote. Under no
circumstances should the publishers feel safe and look down to the often
low quality of so many Kindle release.
The Amazon Report reports 53 copies sold. The Amazon’s own “Like” button
was clicked from five customers now, but still missing reviews. Last night,
climbed the title Sales Rank 25, he is currently back in 40th

23. May 2011 – 8:17 Clock – The first Customer Reviews
Since the last entry a few days have passed. 118 copies have been sold so
far. Contributed to this positive development, the first two customer
reviews on Amazon. Twice five stars received by each title. Many thanks to
the reviewers!

24. May 2011 – 15:50 clock – Regal was never gone, but two publishers

Uff! The books were “found”, the reports show numbers again and were never
gone. 151 copies were sold.

Yesterday actually came via Twitter to the question, whereupon the number
of sales given here refers to. Of course, on the total sales since
publication. How can Amazon be calculated from an hourly statistics, but
also where there are hours in which we do not sell books without crashing
the same rank on 19 327, that is the secret of the Amazon algorithms. It
can only be assumed that the sales rankings consisting of the current sales
figures for the period x and the general sales trend of the title.
német-angol fordítás

24. May 2011 – 18:15 clock – a compliment to Amazon

Amazon has reported quickly and all is well, the confusion we ourselves
have caused. Therefore, our advice are only after this experience: be
careful to have with what account you registered on Amazon. Maybe you have
to test or for other purposes once created another account with Amazon. I
register it mistakenly under the Kindle Direct-publishing portal, you have
to Ruckzuck and without much notice a second “empty”will be created
publisher account. This may create unnecessary stopping moments.
25. May 2011 – 16:59 clock – It’s getting expensive planned Second Edition

The second, expanded edition of the e-book is nearing completion. It will
include an additional section with frequently asked questions about the
fields ISBN, pictures, pen name, title, page numbers and pirate cassettes.
Additionally, the conversion of is-odt and doc files using Calibre in a
separate section in detail. This issue will have twice the size of the
current first version.

For new buyers, we will therefore increase the price with the appearance
of the second edition. Who bought the factory, or buy now, or who gets to
speak of the new edition at the price of the old, because existing buyers
to the e-book then just download again and again without paying.
Oh yes: The latest sales figure is 174.

Maybe you find this data interesting. As soon as new and noteworthy things
happen at Adamo Books, I will let you know…and I know there will be soon…

Attila Lukacs



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