New ‘Walking Dead’ Humble Bundle is up!

humble bundle walking dead themeA new Humble Bundle is up, and it’s for comic book fans this time! The ‘pay what you want’ bundle has DRM-free digital comics including titles from the Walking Dead collection.

Digital comics are not my thing, but I was intrigued at how many ‘levels’ they are offering this time. The first level, where you set your own price, nets you four books. If you exceed the $10-ish average, you get three more. If you exceed $15, you get an extra bonus book. And then there are options for ‘everything above, plus a t-shirt ($40) and ‘everything above plus a limited edition action figure ($65).

It’s an interesting strategy. They are sticking to their roots on the ‘pay what you want’ thing, but really trying to bump up the incentive for people to pay more. I suppose if you really are a huge Walking Dead fan, the physical object goodies might be a draw for you, but I can’t say I see this working for a regular Humble Bundle of mixed books. Still, I give them props for experimenting, and for trying to bring in more money for the authors (and charities) who participate.

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