coverDo you have the sudden urge to read a novel series that you could build a fortification out of that could probably stop bullets? Now you can, and you don’t even have to figure out where to build the fortification. Tor is making the e-book version of the complete 15-book Wheel of Time series available Labor Day weekend for $45. It’s sale-priced across every major e-book outlet, though if you buy it via this link to Amazon we’ll get a little something to help us pay the bandwidth costs.

Of course, if you voted in the 2014 Hugos, you already have it, and you probably paid slightly less than the 15-book set costs now and got all that other stuff in the voter packet besides. (Note that the Hugo packet version didn’t contain the prequel New Spring, and the reviews of the one on Amazon say that version doesn’t either, claims it does. But it’s possible they could be mistaken.)

But even so, $45 for a complete 15-book series is not bad, especially when the books are individually as long as they are. And just think, thanks to the miracle of e-reading, you don’t have to worry about it falling over on and burying you!

The sale ends Monday. Enjoy!


  1. Convenience is probably the only factor. A one-star review states ” At current prices, you can beat this deal by $15 by buying all of the books individually and you get the prequel “New Spring” in the bargain. This one does not include the prequel, so if you compare apples to apples, you are saving nearly $22. ” Other reviewers complain about poor formatting, typos and other mistakes.

  2. It was nominated for the 2014 Hugo award, which means that if you voted last year, for works published in 2013, you received a copy in the electronic Hugo award nominee packet because the final novel in the series was published in 2013. The 2015 Hugo awards were for works published in 2014, and did not contain this collection.

  3. Fixed the date thing.

    As for the regular price, note that comment dates from September of last year, but the e-book just went on sale this weekend. Since it’s a publisher sale, they simply changed the regular list price on the book; there’s no “was $150” or whatever the price used to be.

    But note that if you check the regular prices on the WoT Kindle editions, you’re up to $45 for just the first five titles in the series, so we can only imagine it used to cost significantly more.

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