cover_wired_190 Perhaps it is appropriate that the author of this article from AllThingsD is named Peter Kafka, because the process it describes certainly seems like something Franz Kafka might have mentioned in one of his books.

It seems that Condé Nast has decided that the Apple Tablet will, in fact, exist—and is creating a version of Wired Magazine for use on such a tablet.

Condé Nast  is telling Apple exactly what it’s doing. But Apple is still not telling anybody whether the company is eplanning a tablet, let alone what software it will support.

What’s more, the planned version of Wired will run on Adobe AIR—which is not even available for the iPhone or iPod Touch. So if the Apple Tablet runs the iPhone OS as some are expecting, it won’t even work to begin with!

(Not that a special version is actually even neededWired offers its content via RSS, which means it can be read by a number of solutions that already work on the iPhone—Stanza or NetNewsWire, to name just two.)

Of course, some of the tablets under consideration by various companies probably will run AIR, so the effort may not entirely be wasted. But it still seems a trifle premature to make plans for a hardware platform that may end up vaporware.

Adding to the fun, there’s talk of an OLED model of the Apple Tablet with 9.7-inch screen (see video of rival OLED tech from Sony).


  1. Prices quoted for the LCD screen seem oddly high; 10.6in screens are available in netbooks running as low as $299 but the Apple LCD tablet is projected to run $1000-1200? $2000 for the OLED version?
    Doesn’t sound like a large format iPod; more like a Mac Tablet. And there goes the battery life…
    Since you can’t really delay an unannounced product its clear they’re going back to the drawing board. Maybe it’ll be out by 2011…

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