From The Digital Shift:

Libraries Online Incorporated (LION), a consortium of twenty-five Connecticut public, academic, and school libraries, has imposed a moratorium on the purchase of ebooks from Random House.  The action, which was unanimously approved by LION members on March 20, is in response to the March 1 price hike put in place by Random House that doubled and sometimes tripled the price of ebooks for libraries.

Under Random House’s new pricing policy, an ebook that would have cost the LION consortium $35 to purchase through OverDrive on February 29 cost them $105 on March 1, according to Richard Conroy, the president of LION.

“A private individual can purchase the ebook edition of that same book through Amazon for $17.99, which LION consortium members felt made Random House’s decision to raise prices for libraries both discriminatory and totally arbitrary,” Conroy said in a statement emailed to LJ.

Conroy has written a letter to Random House informing the company of the decision.”

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  1. It sounds like the Connecticut Libraries have the right idea. Need to see more join them in the moratorium of purchasing from Random House. A lot of us readers as individuals have already decided not to buy any books from certain publishers and have already been boycotting them. Random House and Penguin are at the top of the list. There are just too many books out there any more for us to read to even miss these very greedy publishers.

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