Amazon MayDay

Kindle Fire HDX owners may have used the Amazon Mayday button for assistance with their gadget, but not everyone is looking for technical help with their devices.

In a letter from Jeff Bezos to shareholders on Thursday, Bezos recounted some of the more interesting ways customers have used the ‘Mayday’ button.

– Mayday Tech Advisors have had 35 marriage proposals

– 475 customers have asked to talk to ‘Amy,’ the Mayday television personality

– 109 customers asked for help in ordering a pizza (Pizza Hut was the slim favorite over Domino’s)

– 44 Mayday advisors have sung happy birthday to customers

– There were 648 instances of Mayday advisors being sung to

– Three customers asked for a bedtime story

I’m sure that’s not exactly what Amazon had in mind, but people were going to find ways to use the Mayday button even if they didn’t help in figuring out some on their Kindle. But getting a pizza could be tough, and people need to eat!


  1. I’m disappointed. I thought they’d actually use that Mayday button in an emergency when they couldn’t get through to 911, say a car accident or a heart attack.

    Instead we have 648 cases where people, who’d had perhaps a bit too much to drink, wanted to sing to these long-suffering “Mayday advisors.”

    Those researching a ‘decline and fall of the west’ book might want to take note.

  2. My father who is 91, got himself a kindle Fire (I got it set up for him and filmed a 60 minute video on how to use it). he has never, ever used any sort of computer, etc.

    Anyway, he loves his fire, uses it about 4-5 hours a day. AND, he tells me that he frequently uses the MayDay button for help regarding the device (no marriage proposals from him, I think). He has found it so useful, and the people so good to work with, that he has written a letter (maybe an e-mail) to Jeff Bezos.

    Another great customer service from Amazon.

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