Dan Bloom continues his campaign for “screening” with this little cartoon.



  1. Sorry, but I still say reading on a screen doesn’t require a new word, any more than reading on paper, reading a billboard, reading a calendar, reading a menu board, reading a thermostat, reading my watch, reading a traffic sign, reading a cereal box, reading a scrolling message sign, reading a sky-writer, reading a movie screen… The physical process may be impacted by the constraints of the media, but the information is being processed by the brain the same way. Mangen thinks people are being too distracted by other things when reading on a screen. That’s not caused by the screen; it’s caused by the content on the screen, and is no more “distracting” than the multiple columns, pictures and ads on a newspaper page. Reading is reading, whatever the media. Let’s move on, Danny.

  2. Steven, you are beginning to sound like a broken record yourself now. I still say, I still say, I still say. Try to open up your mind, Steven. This is just a cartoon, with humor. If you cannot wrap your mind around humor and see what I am driving at, then you simply do not know how to “read”. Your comment in facts proves my point. You are broken record, stuck in rut, and even worse, humorless. Egads, man. Relax and see the humor. You are so afraid of anything new you call out all the armor you can to defend yourself. It doesn’t work, Steve. It’s a new world abornin……

  3. Humor? The joke was funny the first time. Now it’s just old. You need a new punchline. Better yet, you need a new joke. And find something besides two lifeless PDAs to tell it… robots are lousy at telling jokes.

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