Every now and then someone asks for permission to link to an article on the TeleRead site. The word is, Don’t worry. Feel free to link either to the home page of the TeleRead or to individual items. That’s in the spirit of the both the Web and TeleRead itself–not to mention the blogging movement. If you don’t want people to deep link to you, have a techie do a Java script or take other precautions. No lawyers, please.

Some years ago I wrote about the controversy and was pleased to see deep linking go on. But some of the T Rexes of publishing and e-commerce never give up, as a fresh case out of Texas shows.

In fairness to publishers, Web publishing isn’t always the most profitable endeavor. But there are better ways to change this. Among them? TeleRead-style national digital library systems, which would offer as much as possible for free, but which, through improved and more convenient fee collection mechanisms, would also ease the task of content-providers who did want to collect money.


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