Last year I reported on Diane Duane’s release of her “Middle Kingdom” series as DRM-free e-books through her own e-book store. Today, Duane posted an update to her blog noting that revised versions of these e-books are becoming available, starting with The Door into Fire. (The other two will follow soon.) The revisions are strictly formatting-related, bringing these older volumes up to date with the latest e-book formats.

Those who have purchased previous editions of these e-books can download the new versions from the store where they bought them as they become available. (The store’s software was supposed to alert such purchasers, but it apparently only sent out two e-mails.)

For fans of the series, Duane also posted recently about a couple of short stories set in the world that she has or will put on her e-book store.

Now, if only she’d get around to writing the fourth book…


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