disneycomicSpeaking of comics, our sister blog Gamertell reports (with several photos) on a “digicomic” reader iPad app Disney is demonstrating at E3. Pricing is given as 99 cents to $1.99, and less for comics contained in bundles. That’s a bit better than Marvel’s $1.99 per issue, anyway. It’s certainly not surprising Disney would develop for the iPad, given Steve Jobs’s stake in both companies.

Gamertell reports that most of the comics on display featured Mickey. But you know, if they can get a significant number of Carl Barks’s Scrooge McDuck comics, the original inspiration for Disney’s DuckTales, in their comic store, I think they might just have something there.


  1. this is a tantalizing app,,however none of the comics are carl barks variety,which if available I think could become best sellers,,.Sadly these Italian fellows have tried hard,but nothing comes close to the barks ones!!! I hope some group gets permission to make these available soon!

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