From Juliet Sutherland, executive director of Distributed Proofreaders:

Distributed ProofreadersI’ve officially announced the formation of the Distributed Proofreaders Foundation. The Board consists of me, Charles Franks and Greg Newby. DP is still closely associated with PG. Nothing will change from the perspective of the average DP volunteer. I see this as part of DP’s natural growth as an organization.

Good move, Juliet. Best of luck to DP and PG on this!


  1. I second the congratulations! It is important for organizations working to digitize and electronically distribute public domain works to get organized (yes, this has a sort of 60’s ring to it) and to set up proper governance. This includes a real Board of Directors/Trustees with members, some of whom come from outside organizations, who are knowledgeable about digitizing the public domain and who will take an active role in the high-level governance of the organization.

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