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Now this looks really innovative!  Got this email from Igo Kogan:

You and your readers may be interested in a new kind of dual language
ebooks available at

We have developed an algorithm for aligning literary works and
translations at sub-sentence level. Longer sentences are split into
parts. Given a reasonably good translation, large texts can be aligned
and corrected in a relatively short time.

The ebooks can be read in a browser on practically any device or
downloaded as interactive ePubs for iBooks and Calibre. Translations are
available at a click without being in the way.

Currently we offer some classic novels and short stories. I don’t think
the complete “Notre-Dame de Paris” or “Don Quijote” were ever published
in a bilingual edition 🙂 For German readers, we offer “Gulliver’s
Travels”, “Jane Eyre” and many more.

Our German site was launched in October, the
English site in January. In order to release contemporary literature,
we’re going to contact publishers and right owners in the next months.

From the website:

Do you prefer reading novels to reading dictionaries?

Doppeltext makes unabridged versions of famous novels and short stories accessible, even for foreign-language beginners. While reading, click on a sentence to display the literary translation. We use professional, published translations only, no Google Translate.

You instantly understand the context,

because the text fragments are only 120 characters long on average. Your reading flow is not interrupted; atmosphere of the original work is preserved.

Learn languages with world literature.

Being captivated by a book naturally improves your language comprehension and vocabulary. You get a feeling for the language as a whole.

Try it for yourself now!

Click on the text to read a short story for free and without registration. Or take a look at excerpts of our bilingual books.

Read on a tablet, smartphone, PC or Kindle.

The dual language books are displayed directly in your browser, no installation is required. Once you have purchased the book, you can read it on all supported devices. Set the font size to your personal preference. After the browser has finished downloading the book, it can be read offline.

Or just download your bilingual ebooks.

On the iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, open the book directly in iBooks 2. On Windows-, Mac- or Linux-PCs you can read it with Calibre, a free software. The interactive ePub files are specifically tailored for iBooks and Calibre (other ebook readers don’t support the required functionality.)


  1. First, the idea is old – has been around for ages.
    Second, I don’t really see why someone would want that instead of actually trying to add up all individual words into a sentence by themselves. Using such a translation may create an illusion of learning something, but I doubt that it will actually help much.

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