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Yesterday I was invited to the French Mission of the Languedoc-Roussillon Region to attend a presentation on the new French Ebook-lr ebook creation software.  90 publishers in the region and 100 independent bookstores in the region. Formed a group to help each other to get in the digital area and to make it easier to sell books online.  Some people discouraged by the idea of change but some excited and 4 publishers got together to form a group called Ebook-lr and went to people in the tech industry and asked them to create ebook software.  This is the first software of its kind in France, and maybe in Europe.

Created by editors and publishers for their own use.  Publishers did not have the tools to make the change to ebooks. 20% of the books sold worldwide will be sold in ebook form in a few years.  There is no software on the market that enables a publishers to easily export works to the various formats in the market.  Already have many customers and in discussion with Gallimard, Flammarion and La Martiniere.  In June will be meeting with Planeta and the Spanish association of publishers.  Since launching in May, 10 licenses have been sold.

Supports animated and static reading and can output to PDF, Epub, ereader,  and DAISY.  Works with iOS, Android.  Can use Dublin Core, Onix, Unimarc and TEI metadata standards.  Works with Mac and PC. Lower user licensing fees: $1,200 per users with discount for orders over 10.  Does require Marmalade license.

Wanted the software to be very simple because authors and publishers are not technical people. Handles storyboarding and makes export with metadata very easy.  Can be used to create a catalog.  Software is mainly used to bring in files from inDesign, for example, and then edit and format them easily and export them to the appropriate ebook format.

You can find there website here


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