Best-selling Paul Coelho publishes on Feedbooks—plus Feeds’ new AtomPub service (WordPress angle)

From Hadrien at Feedbooks:

The TeleRead take: Given Amazon’s purchase of Stanza, it’s interesting to see Feedbooks—now focusing mostly on public domain books—continuing to forge ahead with built-in catalog opportunities for e-reader developers. Of course I hope that all these approaches will ultimately end up using standards to the max. Meanwhile please note this little tidbit from Hadrien:

The main goal for this first release is to provide a service that’ll work with any AtomPub client. This way, the same software could both publish a post on a Wordrpress blog and a new section in a book on Feedbooks, without any additional work to support Feedbooks. While the next release will extend AtomPub to add things that are specific to books and publishing on Feedbooks, we’ll always be compatible with any AtomPub compliant client.

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