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  1. Aside from the other problems, there is absolutely nothing about that cover or the title that would give potential readers any clue to its subject. It’s eye-catching, but that’s all.

  2. I wrote a letter to Tony about how he got punked by the fake Amazon stats which I have reported on here at Teleread earlier this year, and I told him: re On the first Monday in June I checked the Kindle Single sales
    rankings, having last looked a month before, when “Boom” was still
    hanging on at about No. 40. Now I couldn’t find it in the top 100. Oh
    well, I thought, can’t be a best seller forever.

  3. in the NYT oped: “My month of self-flackery seemed to work. In the sales rankings
    ……Tony, ……on Amazon for Kindle Singles,
    “Boom” broke the ****top 25, and almost all the titles ahead of it
    were fiction. In categories like “Page-Turning Narratives,”…uh, my work often ranked re I was a nonfiction digital best seller!

    I told him that those stats are not books sold or sales at all but merely reflect reader interest when they click on the page. why didnt tony know that?

  4. Publishers can do a lot to amplify the probability that a book will be a financial success. In the paper era, they were the only ones who could but with digital, there is the possibility that the author alone or with the help of a few friends can do as well or better. Authors and publishers alike need to take account of this new reality.

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