Doorstopper page numbers: the Gordian solution

Galleycat has a droll image from an anonymous redditor who was apparently getting psyched out by the page numbers in Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace, an immense doorstopper of a book. This person found a unique solution to that problem. “Today I broke through the chains of oppression. No longer will page numbers tyrannize my life. I… have taken action,” the anonymous redditor explained, after removing the bottom centimeter or so of the book with a bandsaw.

One commenter suggested:

Just use a Kindle and get molested by the % finished bar instead when your book suddenly ends unexpectedly at 89% because the author has 80pages at the back detailing the history every character/family/house in the book (e.g. Game of Thrones)

(We actually linked an account of reading this very book with a Kindle vs. dead tree in 2009!)

I find this more than a little funny given how much of a fuss some people used to make over the fact that the Kindle didn’t have page numbers…and then how much more of a fuss they made when it finally got them.

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