Esquire’s E Ink: What do you think, gang?

Gizmodo and TheDastardly Report have writeups, and TDR’s is a bit more upbeat.

"For the October issue of Esquire, they decided to release 100,000 issues with the world’s first E-Ink magazine cover. The E-Ink display is the same technology used in the Amazon Kindle and Sony Reader. This is the first time it’s been used in a magazine cover, however. And it looks pretty cool."

Here in the States at least, you can buy the E Ink issue at Borders.

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2 Comments on Esquire’s E Ink: What do you think, gang?

  1. All right, it’s a cute gimmick—I’ll give them that. But what, if anything, can you usefully do with the e-ink display once you’ve bought the magazine?

  2. Apparently we’ll find out soon, but the preliminary report doesn’t look terribly friendly…

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