Finding free (or cheap) Kindle books with Jungle Search

CNet has an article looking at how to use to find free or inexpensive Kindle e-books. The piece notes that Amazon has almost 17,000 free Kindle titles, though all but 246 of them (as of the article’s writing) were the same public domain titles that can be found on Google Books, Project Gutenberg, or elsewhere. There are also over 220,000 titles for 99 cents or less, and 125,000 between $1 and $5.

This looks to be a very interesting search site even aside from e-books. One of the things that annoyed me about Amazon during my Christmas shopping was that there wasn’t any way to search solely on price. Paired with Amazon Prime, this could be a very fun way of finding cheap trinkets to keep oneself amused.

5 Comments on Finding free (or cheap) Kindle books with Jungle Search

  1. The link to the CNet article doesn’t work for me. Nor could I find it searching their site. Anyone else have a problem?

  2. Strange. I just clicked on it again and it worked just fine.

  3. Just tried it again and it worked. Thanks!

  4. I have been looking for an iBook titled “Legacy of Secrecy” by Lamar Waldron n Thom Hartmann in the “free” sites but haven’t found it.
    Can you possibly know of a site I can checked. I’ve looked on NUMEROUS but to no avail. Help!

  5. I prefer amazaving site tbh. I guess it’s personal preference!

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