Google goes bonkers, FALSELY says NYT, WashPo, TeleRead harbor malware

image Just now, Google scared us and a good part of the rest of the virtual world—with a kind of Halloween II, or maybe April Fool’s Day.

When I looked up something on TeleRead, I got a malware alert. For a time the Google-supplied link wouldn’t even let people into the site.

BUT guess what. A similar message appeared when I Googled up the New York Times, the Washington Post and a minor site in North Carolina. I doubt that an evil hacker would have infected all those places simultaneously.

For now, the message is gone. Whew! I wonder what caused it. Nothing like the joys of centalized information resources, eh? This is another reminder that even big companies well-stocked with Mensa-brilliant programmers are not error-free. In e-book terms, it’s why I’m so keen on the option of localized storage of prized books.

Update, 11:03 Washington time: TechCrunch item, complete with screen shots.

5 Comments on Google goes bonkers, FALSELY says NYT, WashPo, TeleRead harbor malware

  1. Søren, Denmark // January 31, 2009 at 10:53 am //

    That’s right, we had it in Europe too, oops!
    My 10 year-old nephew called me: “What’s wrong with my iMac?”

  2. Google does seem to have a problem in this area. The same thing happened to me about a month ago and, if my memory is correct, the site was

    Look around online (i.e. Google the right terms) and you’ll find a possible explanation. It has to do with the shortcuts they take to speed up processing. Sometimes those shortcuts lead to a false positive for malware.

  3. I had it earlier today as well when trying to get to a specific Nokia site.

  4. Here’s the reason why this happened:

    Someone at Google is having a very bad start to their weekend. Google

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