Expired: Infinite Jest was $1.99 on Kindle July 4th

My Kindle-with-special-offers just informed me that David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest is on sale for $1.99 today in Kindle format. I wouldn’t be inclined to report every $1.99 book I came across (unless it was one I really liked), but it was just a couple of weeks ago I had occasion to post about this one, so the synchronicity struck me as amusing.

Other than my post, we previously mentioned this over-1,000-page doorstopper here and here. At $1.99, that’s less than a fifth of a cent per page—and you won’t even have to cut the page numbers off with a bandsaw!

Learning about little bargains like this I’d otherwise miss by not slavishly checking Amazon’s sale pages every day is part of why I love the special offers.

3 Comments on Expired: Infinite Jest was $1.99 on Kindle July 4th

  1. Shows up as $8.99 when I check it at Amazon.

  2. Zora – That’s because it was a Kindle Daily Deal. As the title of the post stated, it was “$1.99 on Kindle Today Only.” (Emphasis on “Today Only.”)

  3. D’oh. I read Teleread once a day; I must have read it before you posted, on the 4th, and didn’t see your post until today, the 5th.

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