Junk Sick's new cover—plus tips on publishing success


TeleRead reviewer Court Merrigan liked Junked Sick: Confessions of an Uncontrolled Diabetic. Norman Savage’s autobiography is about a life full of needles—both the narcotics kind and the diabetes-related variety.

"Poignant," Court called it.

Now the book, which is the fifth best-selling title at Smashwords, finally has a cover. And the model for it is none other than Savage himself. The cover shows a photo by Robin Yellin.

image As I see it, every book should have a cover, and I’m pleased to see Smashwords working to address this issue, which I raised earlier in a preface to Kat Meyer’s interview with Smashwords founder Mark Coker. Smashwords is investigating low-cost solutions for writers who otherwise might not be able to afford covers. You can tell a book by a good cover.

Also of possible interest, from Smashwords: Mark’s interview with Shelly Lieber, author of 4Ps to Publishing Success, who’s a former editor with Macmillan and McGraw-Hill. One of her points is that mainstream publishers are more open than before to buying already-self-published books.

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