Kindles and Sony Readers vs. multiuse devices like the iPhone

imageIn this never-ending debate, DearAuthor quotes Nancy K. Herther, an anthropology and sociology librarian at the University of Minnesota Libraries, who’s on the multiuse side.

I’d second observations from DA’s Jane: "For me, the perfect device would be a slightly larger (6-8″ screen size) iPhone. I don’t mind the LCD. I like the touchscreen, the beautiful video abilities, and the expanded software options."

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4 Comments on Kindles and Sony Readers vs. multiuse devices like the iPhone

  1. The small size of the iPhone screen is often noted as a drawback to reading e-books. Well, guess again.

    Do you find newspapers difficult to read? Surprisingly, the column size and font for e-books on the iPhone appears to be exactly the same as your favorite newspaper. Lay the two side by side and do your own comparison. Yes, you’ll need to flick to the next page more often(such hardship!) but that’s the trade off you make for carrying ONE device.

    So, from my point of view, the multi-purpose devise wins hands down.

  2. I’d prefer multi-purpose devices, but the iPhone seems to come with too many strings from Apple to interest me.

  3. Marina, interesting what you said about newspapers. You are totally right. I think for me it’s more of the bright screen on the iPhone that makes my eyes hurt after a while.

  4. @Brian: Wait for Android then.

    If I take a look at the stats on Feedbooks, multi-purpose devices are winning thanks to the iPhone.

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