Neelan Choksi of Lexcycle/Stanza: ‘From MIT Blackjack team to Amazon acquisition’

image Lexcycle COO Neelan Choksi, a former MIT chemistry major and Blackjack Team member, is  relatively new to e-books.

But he’s a very fast learner, as depicted in a profile in Xconomy Seattle. Excerpt:

image “Interestingly, Choksi says that just a year ago, he barely knew anything about the e-book industry. Let’s just say the man has gotten up to speed fast….”

image Meanwhile we read that Neelan and Lexcycle Principal Developer and Founder Marc Prud’hommeaux (left) will be living in Seattle. Xconomy speculates they’ll be part of a “innovation team” to help set the pace for other e-bookers at Amazon.

“It’s also not uncommon for Amazon to fund or acquire competing projects within a given sector (see LibraryThing and Shelfari),” writes Xconomy Seattle Editor Gregory T. Huang.  “But will Amazon open up the Kindle to accept other types of code like Stanza? Will Amazon use Stanza to monopolize e-books on mobile devices? Stay tuned.” Exactly. I’m delighted that Neelan and Marc struck it rich, but it remains to be seen whether Amazon will avoid using the buyout to weaken the existing Stanza.

(Via Mike Cane. Blackjack photo from Wikipedia.)

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1 Comment on Neelan Choksi of Lexcycle/Stanza: ‘From MIT Blackjack team to Amazon acquisition’

  1. So long as Amazon moves toward its goal of getting a piece of every book sold, new, used or digital, on the planet, they are happy.

    I think Amazon is dangerous to books, readers and authors. Wait and see.

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