Morning Links — iTunes U, e-book pirates and more

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3 Comments on Morning Links — iTunes U, e-book pirates and more

  1. The piece on iTunes U has some factual errors in it. First of all, there are no commercial entities offering content via iTunes U. Everything is free and contributed by 1) colleges and universities, 2) K-12 school systems and 3) Beyond Campus ( which are all non-profits. The point of confusion might be that iTunes U is a part of the iTunes Store where the iBookstore also resides. Textbooks are offered for sale in the iBookstore by commercial publishers (see:
    Secondly, iTunes U did not start at Stanford. It actually started at Duke University under the code name “Indigo.”

  2. The DBW piece on stopping piracy describes a “cure” worse than the malady it treats. The creation of what is essentially a private police force answering only to those who supply their paychecks. Perhaps that’s why we read no mention of due process.

    The Pinkerton Men are still with us and more accepted than ever.

  3. I agree completely with Frank Lowney on the DWB piece. Digital delivery becomes the crime, but if you think about it, it’s no different than sitting in a bookstore for hours, reading the damn book for free. And if the bookstore has a cafe, drinking while reading.

    And as for due process, didn’t the Bushevik years make an impression?

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