Next-generation Nintendo DS to feature high resolution, accelerometer—great for e-book reading?

New information has come to light about the next generation of Nintendo hand-held game console, to be unveiled at E3 in June.

Most interestingly for e-book readers, the screens are going to have much higher resolution than the current generation and will be essentially contiguous, with no space in-between, so that they can be used as a single display when the device is fully open. The device will also feature an accelerometer.

The new resolution is not stated, though prior rumors have suggested a change from its current 256×192 to 1024×768, which would make for a total resolution of 1536×1024 when the two screens are viewed together. For comparison, 720P HD resolution is 1280×720.

When we mentioned the possibility of using the larger-screened DSi XL as an e-book reader last month, one of the chief objections was the device’s relatively low resolution.

However, a higher-definition next-generation DS, complete with accelerometer to swap between portrait and landscape orientations, could be just the e-book reader today’s young gamers are looking for.

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