Our Valentines's Day erotica e-reading survey results are in

Back on Valentine’s Day (one week ago today), contributing writer Juli Monroe put together a just-for-fun survey that we hoped would tell us at least a little bit about the erotica e-reading habits of our audience. And the results are in!

* * *

Just under 40 percent of the survey’s respondents (there were 31 in total) fessed up to buying blue lit in its electronic version as a way to hide their reading habits from others. This question’s solitary “other” respondent said, “No, but I have downloaded free samples or free books.”

* * *

The Guide to Getting It OnAgain, more “no” responses than “yes” for question number two. Perhaps the TeleRead readership is a bit on the prude side? In which case, let me recommend Dr. Paul Joannides’ The Guide to Getting It On, a regularly-updated manual on literally every aspect of the lovemaking process one might hope to imagine. (Along with a few you’d probably rather not imagine … badda-BING!). Also worth a look is Dr. Joannides’ website, Sex With Dr. Paul (NSFW).

* * *

Our female readers didn’t seem particularly pleased with the wording of question number three, even though Juli pointed out in her post that “the first two questions are primarily for women, while the last two are aimed at you guys.” Here’s how one reader responded in the “other” box: “Dickish question. I’m a woman and I have a wife.”

* * *

And finally, for question number four, more of the same. Quite a few respondents pointed out in the “other” box that, being female, this question wasn’t applicable to them. One respondent wrote the following in the “other” box: “Didn’t purchase, so this point is moot. I am male with wife that doesn’t read at all. No paper no e-books.” 

* * *

Thanks for playing along, everyone! The truth, of course, is that this survey is far from representative of our readership, since only a handful of you took part. However, if anyone else would care to share their experiences with (or recommendations of) erotic fiction or sexual manuals or what have you, please get to it in the comments section below. We’re waiting!

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  1. Thanks, Dan for wrapping up the results. Apologies to those of you who didn’t like my wording. I still hope you had fun playing along!

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