'Peter Brantley joins Internet Archive': Digital Library Federation to fade away, partly due to budget woes?

Here’s an Open Content Alliance blog item by Internet Archive founder Brewster Kahle:

image I am thrilled to announce that Peter Brantley will be joining the Internet Archive as our newest Director. In this role, he will direct our efforts and help coordinate with partners in building an open library and distributed publishing system.

His experience in running the Digital Library Federation and coordinating between publishing, library, and high tech organizations gives him an almost unique ability to succeed in helping books find accessible and profitable forms in the digital age.

We hope you all will welcome him into this new position.

Peter—new e-mail here—has been executive director of the Digital Library Federation. And Roy Tennant and Chris Bourg have some thoughts on the organizational angles. Could the Federation’s days be numbered? Says Tennant:

One can speculate that the member institutions had come to believe that the need for the organization had declined in recent years as digital library activities have become more firmly a part of everyday operations. Also, the recent economic downturn has caused libraries to question all of their existing financial commitments.

Hmm. In effect, could the Council on Library and Information Resources, parent of the DLF, be leaving at least some of its coordinating functions to the nonprofit Open Content Alliance put together by Brewster? Or could the library community have farmed out so much to commercial contractors that there’s less coordinating to happen? No definitive answers here. I’m just curious.

Meanwhile Peter will continue running the Reading 2.0 list for publishers, librarians and others—as well, presumably, the Publishing Frontier blog. Congrats, Peter.

image And speaking of Publishing Frontier: Check out an item from John Warren at RAND suggesting that the "Kindle will indubitably evolve more toward the direction of the iPhone than the reverse." Personally I think there that "Kindle" could ultimately describe a whole family of devices, with some optimized for reading and others for multitasking. Just please, Jeff. Think about ePub was a unifier, beyond the name.

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