Quartet Press to embrace romance, spurn DRM

image Congrats to TeleRead contributor Kat Meyer and other e-savvy founders of Quartet Press. A news release follows. Notice how Quartet is avoiding DRM? A lesson for big publishers? Expect more DRM-hating book people to start houses with a built-in advantage---no reader-hostile “protection.” – D.R.

Quartet Press announces it is open for submissions. Quartet was founded on shared goal of the principles to create a high-quality, community-centric, and reader- and author-friendly digital publishing house. First titles will be available in Fall 2009.

imagePASADENA, California. June 25, 2009 — Quartet Press–a fledgling digital publisher formed recently by Kassia Krozser of; Kirk Biglione of; Kat Meyer, long-time book marketer for trade and academic presses; and an additional partner whose background includes book sales, distribution, and directing an independent publishing house–has announced it is now accepting manuscript submissions in anticipation of its Fall 2009 launch.

The Fall 2009 slate will kick off the house’s romance imprint, Quench!. Krozser notes, “I love the fact that we’re starting out with a line devoted to romance. Not only has the romance reader lead the way when it comes to adopting ebooks and new reading technology, it’s also the genre I choose first when it comes to my own reading. I’m excited about bringing great stories to this fantastic community of readers.”

As Quartet Press moves toward launch, the founders have committed to opening the doors and sharing the process of building a digital publishing company. By committing to transparency from day one, Quartet hopes to both educate those interested in digital publishing, and establish lines of communications with readers, authors, and others in the bookish community.

As Quartet approaches its Fall 2009 launch, focus will be on these core principles:

  • Outstanding Book Discovery and Shopping Experience: Readers want to find and buy the book. We get it. We’re convinced finding and buying e-books is too hard right now, and this deters many readers from moving from print to “e”. Kirk Biglione and the rest of the tech team are designing a discovery and shopping experience that’s easy, fast and doesn’t require jumping through hoops to get out the door.
  • Read Quartet Books Wherever and However You Want: We believe when readers buy our books they OWN our books. They should be able to read them on any device they have. We’re working with some terrific consultants to make our books available in as many common formats as possible and to serve them up without the hassles of DRM.
  • Great Authors Mean Great Books: We’re firm believers in creating an experience for our authors that makes it easy, enjoyable and profitable for them to work with us on an ongoing basis. We’re developing an Author Contract that’s fair to all parties and is explicit about what we expect from the author and what the author can expect from us.
  • Integrating and Empowering the Community of Readers: The only thing more fun than reading books is talking about books and Quartet will not only be everywhere readers are (conferences, book fairs, Facebook, Twitter and pretty much everywhere else bookish types are hanging out), but Kat and her team are working hard to make a place readers will want to spend their time — talking about books and publishing, and helping to guide our editorial and marketing decisions.

Quartet’s commitment to these principles, together with the principals’ participation in the digital publishing community, ensure it will remain flexible and current in today’s rapidly changing digital publishing environment.

Day-to-day experiences as the company grows (including the good, the bad, and even the misguided) will play out on the the Quartet blog. Meyer says, “We look forward to having the bookish community follow along, and hope they will comment and offer their feedback and ideas throughout the process.”

Information regarding Quartet Press’ submission guidelines can be found online.

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