Read ePub on your PDA or smartphone… you don't need no steenkeeing iPhone!

ZuluReader lets you read ePub files on a Windows-based PDA or smartphone, PC or laptop.

ZuluReader displaying cover of Evoguia

ZuluReader displaying cover of Evoguia

Steve Bales has been tweaking and improving his new e-book application, ZuluReader, in just the direction I like to see: He has made it an ePub reader, and it’ll run on (theoretically) any Windows-based PDA or smartphone.

I’ve been testing ZuluReader on my PDA, an iPaq 110, as Steve’s been working on it.  At this moment, it is doing a great job rendering my ePub version of The Onuissance Cells! It is also doing a good job with some of my other ePubs, although I was recently alerted to some formatting errors that I need to fix… but they are still nicely readable.

One of the best aspects of the reader is its ability to be used with a fingertip on your touchscreen… you don’t need a stylus or buttons to work its features. This makes it ideal for PDA and smartphone use, as well as (Windows-based) PCs and laptops.

About the only things I noticed in the display was that any HTML “<hr>” tag in the ePub did not display the horizontal rule… and occasionally, there would be an extra space between characters here or there. But I consider those small potatoes… overall, I give it an “A”! And I duly recommend it to my fellow TeleReaders.

As someone who appreciates the simplicity of being able to read e-books on a multi-use device, and a proponent of ePub, I’d consider this a major new tool for e-book readers. Anyone who wants to read an epub file, but who doesn’t want to feel forced into buying a dedicated reader or iPhone, should check this out now. The SW can still stand some tweaking, so I hope you’ll give Steve a few good pointers, and help him make this the best reader he can!

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