Readius now due in UK, Italy and Germany this fall—and U.S. in early ’09

imageThe Readius, an e-reader/phone hybrid with a five-inch display that you flip open, is now due out in the U.K., Italy and Germany this fall—and the U.S. in early ’09.

Price is supposed to be higher than the Kindle’s $359, if you go by a New York Times report. "It’s an exciting example, but there are going to be a slew of other devices coming soon, too,” display maven Shawn O’Rourke is quoted.

Color and video are expected in time for Redius-style flexible screens, and I suspect resolution will be much better.

Battery life of the Readius is supposed to be a 30 hours.

I can’t wait to see more phone/e-reader combos. While there’ll be demand for dedicated, Kindle-style devices, multi-use gizmos will be the real stars in the world of e-books—whether phones hybrids or general purpose tablets and mini-notebooks.

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(Via Peter Brantley.)

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