Second Android phone lacks a keyboard but is slick-looking: E-book possibilities?

image The HTC Magic is the second Android phone. Without a keyboard but with sleek looks, it actually might be okay for e-books if the screen is up to snuff.

FBReader‘s Java version, I suspect, will run on it. If anyone knows otherwise, speak up!

"The Magic," reports the BBC, "will go on sale to Vodafone customers in the UK, Germany, Spain and France, and non-exclusively in Italy.

"Android phone users will be able to access the Android Market, a storefront for applications that already boasts 800 offerings."

Anyone know about possible availability in the States? I’m also curious if HTC could arrange for an e-book app to be built in if one isn’t already.

The first Android phone is the G1.

Related: BBC video, Slashdot item, CNET article and photos, Techmeme roundup and Wikipedia item. The latter talks about a "3.2-inch TFT-LCD flat touch-sensitive screen with 320×480 HVGA resolution."

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