Shortcovers e-book service officially starts up in Canada tomorrow

"…Shortcovers will enable users to buy and download e-books to their wireless smart phone or computer via the Internet, mimicking the iTunes model, which revolutionized the music business." – Globe and Mail (via Sarah Weinman’s Tweet).

Related: Earlier TeleRead coverage of Shortcovers. Among other things, Shortcovers offers a community-heavy approach, allowing readers to Tweet as they work their way through books, and it also lets publishers do without DRM. Hint, hint, Amazon.

The Wall Street Journal says this "e-book reading and buying program…works on devices such as the iPhone, Blackberry and Android phones, and in the coming months on other smartphone systems including Symbian and Windows, as well as on other gadgets such as the Palm Pre."

Screenshots are here. Blog here, listing Feb. 26 as official startup date.

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