2 Comments on ‘The awkward feeling of mindless improvisation’ – The iBookstore comes to Latin America

  1. Sigh! Apple’s iBookstore team seems to think it knows publishing better than authors and publishers who’ve been in the field for many years. It’s behavior shows exactly the opposite. The content, the pricing, the links, and a host of other things are simply none of its business. Apple’s iBookstore is a bookstore and nothing more. It needs to quite telling authors and publishers what they can and cannot do.

    I might add that legally, if Apple continues to dictate content, then it becomes responsible for that content. If it ‘plays publisher’ and demands that Amazon not be mentioned, then it can be sued as if it were the publisher when a book contains libel. And IP lawyers would far rather go after deep-pocketed Apple than after some little one-Mac publisher.

    Apple can’t have it both ways. Either it’s a bookstore not responsible for a book’s content and not attempting to control it, or it is a quasi-publisher who can be sued for that content.

  2. Guess it will turn into a good market for them. Well, they to keep the price in mind too.

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