Unbound is crowdfunding site exclusively for books


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MakeUseOf has a post discussing how to use UK-based crowdfunding site Unbound, which represents itself as a Kickstarter exclusively for books. The site acts as both a fundraider and a publishing house all in one, allowing you to get people to fund your project and then to publish it in one convenient location. 

We’ve mentioned Unbound a few times before, such as here, and we’ve talked about Kickstarter a lot lately. It’s good that there are more funding options for people who want to get their books or e-books published. What this article doesn’t make clear is why people would want to use this rather than the more widely-known Kickstarter, which has already been used to fund the publication of quite a few books itself. At a guess it’s because Unbound handles everything in-house instead of the crowdfundee having to go find a different publisher to produce the actual book, and perhaps UK-based projects would reap benefits from being local. But for people who’re more concerned about raising money and already know how they’re going to publish it afterward it seems that using the more-widely-known Kickstarter would lead to more publicity.

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