From Paper Magazine:

In the era of e-books, what will happen to the indie bookstore? Will the algorithms at virtual big-boxes decide what we read? And if so, will important, life-changing books go undiscovered? This was a future that Emily Gould and Ruth Curry could not bear to live with. 

Gould and Curry are the sorts of friends who are perpetually raving about novels, exchanging them, borrowing them back. And now, they are sharing them through what may be the world’s first independent online store devoted to the e-book, Emily Books. “It’s crazy that no one else is doing this,” says Gould. 

Rather than sell every title under the sun, the site adds one per month in a sort of virtual book club-meets-college syllabus. Gould, a former Gawker blogger-turned-essayist (And the Heart Says Whatever) met Curry in 2005 when they were both working at a publishing house. Last summer they decided to develop the store as a sustainable publishing solution: by cutting out the conglomerates (Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Apple), they pay authors and publishers more per sale. 

More info in the article.

Emily books also has a subscription plan.  For $13.99, billed monthly, you can receive an ebook every month for 12 months.  Books are available in ePub or Kindle format.


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