From the Good E-Reader blog:

Bas Group features one of the best online precenses in The Netherlands and controls the chains Dixons, PC World and Dynabyte. It is obvious the company is leading the charge of retail and online technology and gadgets in that country. The acquisition of Bebook and Endless Ideas will bolster their portfolio and allow them a higher profit margin at selling the e-readers in their retail locations. According to Steven Baker, CEO of BAS Group, “we are proud to be a Dutch brand with an excellent reputation in the e-reader market to our business portfolio to add. We have the vision and conviction that given the current developments in the digital book market the brand BeBook with the BAS Group is well positioned take it.” He went on to say that “We have seen a rapid demand for tablet PCs but beside that we can also see the e-reading industry growing separately along side it. We believe that e-reading offers consumers a whole different experience. With its paper like display, specially designed for reading BeBook offers consumers this unique experience, both for reading fanatics as for leisure readers”.


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