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From the Dutch eReaders site, here is a Google translation of the article:

Endless Ideas, the Dutch manufacturer of the BeBook eReader and tablet, is bankrupt. The company came in 2008 on the market with a 6 “eInk reader called BeBook. Later the company introduced with WiFi connectivity and also ereaders BeBook live, a tablet that went on sale in early 2011.

Utrecht The company was experiencing rapid development, not only in Netherlands but also across the borders. This was partly due to collaborations with bookshops and electronics chains and largemarketing campaigns.

The first BeBook, later as the ‘One’ went through life, was a simple 6 “ereader. Later, the BeBookMini, an ereader with a 5 “screen, and the BeBook Neo, with wifi. Then there was a cheaper versionof the Neo without Wi-Fi, the BeBook Club. Endless Ideas and early 2011 came with its own Androidtablet on the market, the BeBook Live.

Competition from other ebook readers and tablets, however, came in earnest. Especially in 2011,prices dropped dramatically in ebook readers. Where the BeBook One in 2008 would cost 300 euros, for a 6 “eInk screen ereader with less than hundred dollars now paid. And on the tablet marketmanufacturers stumble over each other to Android tablets at low prices on the market.

It is not yet clear whether the curtain finally falls Endless Ideas. According to the curator are working on a new start. “This next week we hope to gain more clarity.


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