Infographic: E-Reader vs. Octopus Tech Battle! Which is Better?

No, honest, that’s not a linkbait title. Or, well … not too much of one. My husband found this absolutely awesome infographic on Livescience.

Source: LiveScience

Check out the image of the cephalopod skin vs. an e-reader display. Kind of creepy how close they are? (And why doesn’t WordPress’ spell-check recognize cephalopod as a valid word? That’s discrimination against lack of a backbone, I’d say!)

Wouldn’t it be cool if our e-readers could crinkle their displays? Or manufacture their own power? Talk about awesome battery life.

Anyway, just enjoy. The infographic kind of says it all.

3 Comments on Infographic: E-Reader vs. Octopus Tech Battle! Which is Better?

  1. The day some smart biotechie gets around to cloning octopus hide for flatscreen displays will be a big red letter one for us all. Until those smart squid decide that humans are just too colorless and take over …

  2. (zone #3, cognitive sciences [see above “book art”])

  3. Juli Monroe // July 6, 2013 at 2:47 pm //

    @Paul. Gee, thanks. Now you’ve given me a plot bunny for a Cthulhu fic. Like I needed another fanfic idea. 😉 (Still getting my head around my husband’s challenge to me to write the Supernatural characters as Watership Down rabbits.)

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