1992-2005 TeleRead info

The TeleRead proposal for a well-stocked national digital library system goes back to the early 1990s. The current TeleRead blog has picked up almost all blog items back to the end of May 2002. Here is a file with the leftovers. Below, meanwhile, are key links for the TeleRead site as a whole.

>  Search page and site map picking up the entire site and updated once a week
>  Blind and VI edition of the Web log
>  FAQ: Basics of the TeleRead plan
>  Español
>  Updates (besides Web Log)
>  eBook 2001 talk
>  Children and minorities
>  Elderly and disabled
>  Librarians and publishers
>  Business in general
>  TeleRead in MIT/ASIS Book
>  U.S. News & World Report article
>  Other TeleRead writings
>  Books already on the Net
>  More e-book-related links
>  The Brass Check–Upton Sinclar’s nonfiction classic on the mass media of his day

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