Just a quick reminder: nominations for this year’s Hugo Awards are upon us, and if you signed up for last year’s (to get the entire Wheel of Time series that was included in the Hugo voter packet, for example) you’re eligible to nominate now. Nominations are open through March 10, and you can update and change your ballot as often as you like.

And I’d just like to stump for a book that I feel is extremely worthy of consideration: the four-volume history of the role-playing game industry, Designers & Dragons, which was published via Kickstarter last year. Given that so many RPGs have been fantasy or science fiction, this qualifies it for the Best Related Work category. If you have a vacant space on your Hugo ballot, I strongly urge you to write it in.

Author Shannon Appelcline did an amazing amount of research and wrote the histories of literally dozens of companies. It’s a really important work of scholarship on an element of pop culture that’s shaped the lives of our generation, and I feel it deserves recognition.

It is available for sale on Amazon, from online RPG stores like RPGNow, or from its publisher Evil Hat Productions.


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