Foreign Language eLearning, Part 2: Resources for Spanish Learners

I wrote earlier about some of the wonderful resources out there for the ebook-loving French learner. Now, it’s time to turn the spotlight on Spanish, the biggest second language in the US. You guys have many of the same e-learning options as us French learners in Canada: a special Spanish Wikipedia portal; podcasts, YouTube tutorials and so on. But you also have some great free and low-cost books available to you; you can use the translate and dictionary functions on your reader to work your way though these books and learn Spanish at your own pace.

1) .Wikibooks Spanish is a free Spanish intro, viewable online or downloadable as a PDF. If you are just starting out, it will equip you with some basics. If you have previous Spanish experience, it will refresh your skills so you’re ready for more reading.

2) Project Gutenberg has numerous beginning Spanish readers available; more than they have for French. Download these and get started.

A First Spanish Reader

An Elementary Spanish Reader

Lecturas Faciles con Ejercicios

Libro Segundo de Lectura

3) Similar to the French series I posted earlier, this guy has numerous Spanish readers available at Amazon, some free, some not.

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