seussgiveaway “Recently, I learned about a new e-book program dedicated to kids called Kidthing is a digital media platform that is designed to bring interactive books, movies, and games to children. Kidthing, in conjunction with Dr. Seuss Enterprises and NEA’s Read Across America, is giving away an animated version of Horton Hears a Who, one of my daughter’s favorite stories. I downloaded the program and the free ebook. It was a great experience.” – Jane, at DearAuthor,  writing on the glories of freebies and suggesting that romance publishers experiment with them.

The TeleRead take: Speaking of trying and buying, later this today we’ll be publishing an essay by U.K. novelist Richard Herley—on the Net’s effect on author-agent-publisher roles. Richard recently posted his books online as shareware.

Update, June 28, 2008: The Horton book itself is no longer free at Kidthing, alas, though the player still is.

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