Buzz Books 2013 from Publisher's Lunch, Exclusive excerpts from over 25 top new titles

The ever-popular Publishers Lunch website has just released an entirely free e-book, Buzz Books 2013 Spring/Summer. It’s filled with 488 pages of pre-publication excerpts from 28 different titles that are due to be released during the upcoming spring/summer seasons. (A small number of the book’s sneak previews have very recently been published.)

The e-book offers an even mix of fiction, nonfiction and YA literature, and the authors whose work is featured within include some pretty big names: Michael Pollan, Chip and Dan Heath, Meg Wolitzer, Kate Atkinson, Joe Hill and Sarah Dessen, to name a handful.

The book’s introduction, written by Publishers Lunch founder Michael Cader, explains the impetus for the book and its freebie distribution:

“This spring/summer edition of Buzz Books coincides with the annual industry event known as Winter Institute. Now a major launch point for the spring and summer seasons, 500 independent booksellers gather to meet over 70 authors [at Winter Institute], who sign pre-publication galleys and discuss their forthcoming books informally with bookstore owners. But up until now, most of that industry buzz has stayed in the room with that small group of lucky booksellers.

“Now everyone,” Cader writes, “can share the same access to the newest voices the publishing industry is broadcasting for the next season.”

Ready to grab a copy for yourself? Head on over to this page for an EPUB version (for Nook, Kobo, Sony or Apple devices), or click here for a MOBI file (for Kindle e-readers). Net Galley members can click here for a copy.


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