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From the press release:

GigaOM, the leading independent voice on emerging technologies and the disruption of media, today announced the launch of its digital book publishing imprint, GigaOM Books. In keeping with GigaOM editorial coverage and GigaOM Pro research, GigaOM Books publishes e-books about the people, technologies and trends shaping the evolution of technology and media.

“GigaOM has always been at forefront of new publishing models,” said Michael Wolf, vice president, GigaOM. “We have a heritage in digital publishing and a crack team of writers who will provide the rich, deep content GigaOM readers expect, but in longer form.”

Technology has changed the way people consume information – moving away from broad coverage of news and toward more personalization. With an estimated 25% of households using e-readers, digital books appeal to the rapidly growing market of readers who prefer an immersive reading experience. GigaOM Books meets the demand for a deep dive into specific areas of technology and media by focusing on market trends, opportunities and game-changers.

Kicking off with the following titles, GigaOM Books will publish additional titles at a rate of one to two per month. Select GigaOM Pro reports, such as market outlooks and topical anthologies, will also be available as e-books for popular platforms including Kindle, iPad and Nook.

  • Connected Health: How Mobile Phones, Cloud and Big Data Will Reinvent Health Care – 
This volume provides a comprehensive overview of the emerging connected health ecosystem, including the startups and traditional technology players shaping the future of health care and innovative approaches by the government that demonstrate the need to move beyond the rhetoric of big government versus the market in health care.
  • Cut the Cord: All You Need to Know to Drop Cable – 
This indispensable guide explains in easy-to-understand language how to get favorite TV shows, movies, news and sports without cable, and how to pick from the variety of devices available. Each section is jam-packed with tips and tricks from the experts, including links to videos and other resources online.
  • The Kickstarter Revolution: A Guide to Successful Crowdfunding (available for pre-order) – This book will explain a proven method of crowdfunding on Kickstarter, providing practical steps that can be applied to any project. Based on personal experiences shared by the author and culled from dozens of successfully funded projects, as well as case studies of successful high-profile projects, this book provides a much sought after road map for anyone thinking of using Kickstarter to fund their next venture.
  • The Battle for the Books: Inside Google’s Gambit to Create the World’s Biggest Library (available for pre-order) – At the dawn of the e-book era, librarians predicted it would take 1,000 years to scan the world’s books. Then one company set about to do it in five. Even by the search giant’s standards, it was a bold move. This book gives the first detailed account of Google’s grand plan to build a modern day Library of Alexandria and its subsequent undoing, and shows how Google’s gambit changed the way we view knowledge in the digital era.


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