GoComicsComic strip publisher Universal Uclick has created a digital place on the Internet for avid readers of old-school newspaper comic strips. And now, to further plant the print staple into the modern world, they’ve introduced their GoComics website to the mobile Web sphere.

Launching the GoComics application for iOS, Android and WP8, users can now access all content from the company’s website, which includes a massive chunk of the most popular comics strips worldwide.

Some notable series from yesteryear include the complete Calvin & Hobbes archives and a slew of PeanutsGarfieldDilbert and Doonesbury comics. Today’s stuff is there too: FoxTrotThe BoondocksPearls Before Swine, et al.

GoComicsDid I mention the app is free? Even if reading comic strips isn’t your thing, there are certainly worse ways to kill a few minutes of your day. Stuck in an elevator or taking a quick train ride across the city, you say? GoComics!

Android users, visit Google Play; iPhone, see the App Store, and Windows Phone 8 users, the Windows Phone Store.

* This post originally appeared on GadgeTell.