You may have read that Penguin books are again available for purchase in Overdrive, which means library patrons will soon see popular Penguin books in their libraries. Hooray!

Well, there’s more good news. In the Overdrive announcement on Wednesday, they said that while new books would be available, Kindle owners would still need to use USB to load them (although savvy borrowers knew of the work-around for that problem). Yesterday, Overdrive announced that Penguin books are now available as “Get for Kindle” just like books from other publishers. No more USB. No more work-arounds.

One final bit of good Overdrive news. You may have read last week that the Overdrive app had issues with iOS 7. People who’d upgraded their iDevices could no longer download books into the Overdrive app. It’s fixed now. I tested it this morning, and books download just fine.

It’s been a pretty good week for Overdrive.